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Let’s play a game: spot the person of color.

Jennifer Lawrence - English, German, Irish, and Scottish
Matt Damon - Scottish, English, Finnish and Swedish
Leonardo DiCaprio - mostly German and Italian
don’t feel like looking up anyone else.

whoever made this is as ignorant as they are “trying” to make this picture seem.
it’s more than just the color of skin.

get ya crusty ass self up off my post naming like 5 flavors of mayonnaise talmbout diversity, you stupit.


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Age of Ultron stands to be the biggest comic movie thanks to an enormous budget and huge ensemble. As a result, there are a number of questions that needs to be answered before our heads explode. A recent piece of concept art reveals that Hulk may be goin’ up against the Hulkbuster, a suit specially designed to combat him, so perhaps he goes rogue or the enemy gains control of the tech. In comics, Ultron was the creation of Ant-Man, but he won’t be responsible this time, so we’re left wondering where he is. SHIELD is in disarray, yet Nick Fury and Black Widow are still operating. Hawkeye, however, was spotted on set wearing a uniform that doesn’t bear the organization’s logo. Thor is a demi-god and Captain America is a super-soldier, but how did Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch get their powers? “Mutant” is a term Marvel isn’t allowed to use, so “miracle” has been touted as the potential alternative. The Avengers are expanding rapidly; War Machine and maybe Doctor Strange will join, so Falcon surely won’t be left out? And Vision will have the same voice actor as JARVIS, suggesting that the android is property of Iron Man.

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